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Bobby Blues
Bobby Blues

Bobby Blues 1000ML

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All of our CBD Oil Brands Are 100% Potent and ready to be used with any Vape or E-Pens (just screw it in and it's ready to go!). Perfect for those who is looking for the ultimate aroma experience. All of our products are 1000ML which is enough to last a regular consumer for a week or more! All of our products have minimum to no odor so it's perfect for indoor or outdoor use at your leisure! Each brand will have a different flavor depending on what you chose. Indica usually provides a sense of deep body relaxation while Sativa will provide more of an energetic experience. Then there are the hybrids which is a mix of both!

Disclaimer: If your state has not legalized CBD Oils yet please purchase at your own discretion. We here at will not assume any responsibility of any type of illegal use of the products we provide.

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