Shopping Bag



Q: Why do I have to place my order over the phone?
Our current merchant provider only accepts orders over the phone to insure it is not a scam

Q: What will it say on my bank statement once the order is placed?
Your bank statement will show a charge from "ScrapAnnMore" so you recognize this charge

Q: Is my order 100% Legal?
Your product will be 100% legal however we advise all customers to not consume because of legality. What you do with this 
will be the sole responsibility of the consumer

Q: How do I know you guys are legitimate and not a scam?
We operate through a secured server that makes sure everything is authenticated before purchase

Q: Is your products really potent as you say they are?
We have many returning customers who continuously come back to us because we only provide 
only the best quality herbal incense on the internet

Q: If the bank calls me and asks me what I ordered?
Due to the nature of the business please tell the bank that you purchased "Service" to avoid any delays or order cancellation

Q: What if I don't know which is the best product to order?
Please call our customer service 773-649-3005 between the hours of 9am - 1am EST
and they will advise you on what we have available and what is currently the post potent blend

Q: Do you have express shipping available?
Sorry at this moment no due to high demands. However, we will again very soon

Q: What kind of cards do you guys currently accept?
We accept all major credit cards at the moment. If your billing address does not match
your shipping address and your card is declined, feel free to purchase a prepaid 
purchase over the phone
Q: When will my orders be shipped?
Your order will be shipped every Tuesdays and Fridays and you will be notified
with a tracking number when it is shipped

If you have any further questions or concerns please give us a call!
We are more than happy to help!